Frequently Asked Questions

What is hard water?

Hard water is very common in domestic water supply. The issue is caused by an excess concentration of minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are dissolved in your water supply. Hard water can be noticed by spotting on your washed glasses or dishes, or a build up of scale on your taps and appliances

Water hardness levels can differ across the country depending on the local rock and soil type.

What is legionella?

Legionella Bacteria is often found in water. The Legionella Bacteria can multiply at temperatures between 20-45ÂșC. The primary method to controlling Legionella in water is through temperature control. Testing should be carried out periodically after a risk assesment to establish your needs.

How often should you test a well water supply?

Your well water supply should be tested for bacteria on an annual basis. Chemical analysis should be carried every two to three years. Heavy rain can affect the condition of your well water and this should be taken to account when planning your testing schedule.

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